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Maiden-Art style described by VOGUE ITALIA 

"Her creations are complex and dreamlike, with a strong visual impact, on the notes of a Londonrock and roll style, revisited with a made-in-Italy twist. We are talking about Maristella Colombo, jewellery designer of Maiden-Art, an accessories and jewellery brand founded in 2007 in Milan. What does Maiden-Art mean? At first glance we think of love for art, and maybe we are not that far away, since the name is synonymous with Pure Art, "dressing up art". The world of Maiden-Art is characterized by research, innovation and irony. The collections are designed with the language of elegance and Italian taste. All creations are realized exclusively with high-quality materials and entirely handmade by artisans. Maiden-Art is not just a fashion project, but also the result of blending art with experimentation through photography, video-art and performance. In short, living on the thin boundary that separates pure art from the fascination of couture."



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