5 Top Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter that You will Love.

5 Top Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter that You will Love.

This Article is for You if:

    • You love Jewelry and You want to know the best Trends for this Fall and Winter Season.

    • You want to update your Fall Winter outfits with new Jewelry without spending a fortune.

    • You want to reward Yourself with the pleasure of Wearing Stylish Jewelry. 

5 Top Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter You Will Love.

Are you ready to rock this Fall Season?

We are at the beginning of the Fall and Winter Seasons and I'm super excited for this new time.

I'm not a big fan of Fall and Winter, as I'm more a Spring and Summer person (actually April is my favorite month), but since I started designing jewelry and following trends, I find something new, fun and inspiring every new season.

That's why, I'm super excited, as said before, to show you the new styles and the cool stuff to wear during the Fall season.

Even during the dark and foggy days of Fall and Winter time, We all can enjoy to wear cool styles, easy to wear and at affordable price, too!

The most important thing is to enjoy every single day for what We do, being grateful for who We are and for what We have and live the instant, trying to get the best of everything, even from the small things, We are doing in the daily life!

That's why, I'm so passionate about showing you my favorite 5 Top Jewelry Trends for Fall and Winter, you will love to mix them easily in your wardrobe!

So let's start!

Punk is not dead, from the latest 90s style back in stores, from brand like Dior, you can see that Punk is still alive. You can match your favorite black choker with your leather jacket and hoodie.

fashion reverie

ph. credits Fashion Reverie.


Black Choker Necklace with Rhinestones. Shop Now.


Black Choker Necklace with Rhinestones

From Chanel, to Loewe, to Balmain, oversized chokers in gold or as a piece of body armor is a must for this season. Pick your newest oversized choker necklace with moss agate stone and suede leather, from my Fall Winter collection.

gucci oversized choker necklace

If you are Gold Obsessed, check this new trendy Gold Curb Chain Necklace with rudder clasp, perfect to sparkle with any outfits.

18kt Gold plated brass Curb Chain Necklace and rudder clasp. Rudder clasp necklace.

18kt Gold Plated Brass Choker Necklace and Silver Heart Clasp. 

Live now and die later attitude is the must of the season!
Find bohemian chic lucky charms and protective symbols to wear in layered necklace on a black dress.

 talisman jewelry from runways

If you love brooches,  you can wear them on a blue velvet jacket and ripped denim jeans.

If you love Necklaces and Earrings, check this combo below.

Talisman Necklace and Earrings in rose gold and bronze.


This season wear statement necklaces on minimalist dresses, to get the best stylish look!

Lanvin snanke belt and necklace

Or Wear Minimal Statement Necklaces like the super trendy Rose Gold Snake Necklace below.

Rose Gold Snake Necklace in 2 Length.

Crystal mania took hold with raw stones. Wear your raw stone necklace to strengthen the impact of your outfit.

raw stone necklaces fro runways

Why don't you try our Blue Lapis Lazuli Raw Stone Necklace?
Check it out below.

Blue Lagoon lapis lazuli stone bib necklace with Swarovski crystals and brass chains.

As you can imagine, my favorite trend is PUNK, because I love punk style in every ways from the most strong from the 70s decade till the new punk chic of the latest years..

What is your favorite trend for Fall and Winter? What would you like to wear?

As usual, please feel free to comment or share this blog post with everyone you want, I would be more than happy to hear from you all!

If you want to rock this new season with a new look, here's my gift for you.

My FREE jewelry guide about "5 Easy Ways to wear Statement Jewelry with Style". You can grab it now, below.


To your Successful Style and Life,



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