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Maristella Colombo

Hello! I'm Maristella :)

I can help you to find the right rockmantic fashion jewelry for you or for your beloved ones!

Can a fashion jewelry piece make you feel confident, sexy and to stand out from the crowd?

Vogue Italia magazine defines Maiden-Art jewelry as "an exclusive and unique Italian handcrafted jewelry brand with a strong visual impact of a London rock and roll style combined with a Made in Italy glamorous twist ".

It's true as I call my creations complex, dreamlike, sweet but also strong and decisive like me.

So I'm using my creativity and intuition to connect with You and your style, helping you feel confident, sexy and stand out from the crowd, without having too much time to think about what to wear and mixing my jewelry easily with your outfits.

  • Are you a strong and romantic woman who loves to wear something unique and original that can make feel you sexy and confident?
  • Do you love to wear statement pieces that can easily update your look and bring to life any of your outfits?
  • Do you value quality, handmade designs, shopping local from Italian artisans?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place.

I LOVE to design for “Rockmantic people” like YOU…

A little bit of my story I would love to share with you...

I want to talk about myself, what I like and what I have in mind, because I think you need to know that there is a person behind my brand and not just a jewelry brand like others :-)

I design rockmantic jewelry with a strong and romantic woman, like you, in mind.
A woman that never gives up, determined and passionate in everything she does.

Sometimes the woman in my mind is very busy and she forgets to take care of herself (like me),
that's why I create fashion jewelry that can give a great touch to any look or effortlessy update any outfits! 
I have the same problems, sometimes I'm too busy and I completely forget to take care of myself.
I get lost in millions of thoughts and things to do and I forget there is a "ME" to take care of.
So this is why I wanted to design jewelry that can be easily worn and can fit any woman, giving a new fresh and strong look to any wardrobe and can solve the problem to have no time to change your outfit for different occasions or to buy new clothing styles to update your wardrobe.
So you don't need to spend hours thinking on what to wear and how to match your outfit!

My mission is to create a personal connection with all of my clients satisfying their needs to have a unique and innovative design, rockmantic style, totally handmade jewelry and made in Italy pieces. 

Maiden-Art jewelry can be worn with everything you like, no stress, no time wasted, easily enrich your outfit and enhance your features!

In 2011, my brand was selected by Vogue Talents and it was included in the list of 140 Emerging Designers of Vogue Italy, thanks to a collection of small precious jewels clutches for Spring Summer 2011.
In the same year, Maiden-Art was also selected to represent Italian style at the prestigious International Exhibition IFF in Tokyo, Japan, thanks to the sponsorship of  Hot House - Milano Pret a Porter, tradeshow.
In February 2012, I was selected as one of the finalists of the prestigious Italian Price, Novara Young Entrepreneurs.

Maiden-Art collections are frequently featured in many prized publications like:
 Vogue Italia, Vogue Shopping, Vogue.it, Style.it, WWD Magazine, Numero Magazine, Fashion Press Japan, Fudge Magazine, Ginza Magazine, Fashionmagazine, Glamour Italia, Elle Italia, Very Elle Accessories, The Ophra Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar and Dazed & Confused.

You can also find my jewelry in more than 100 Boutiques, Department Stores, Multibrand Concept Stores and Online Stores Worldwide. 

If you are in the Northern Italy you can also visit my boutique, in the beautiful ancient village of Angera, near Varese, Lake Maggiore in Italy or if you have no chance to say hello to me,
you can always enjoy your shopping experience on my website www.Maiden-Art.com

And if you need any help to pick the right jewelry for you, please feel free to contact me anytime and I would love to give you my best advices! :-)


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"Her creations are complex and dreamlike, with a strong visual impact, on the notes of a London, rock and roll style, revisited with a made-in-Italy twist. We are talking about Maristella Colombo, jewellery designer of Maiden-Art, an accessories and jewellery brand founded in 2007 in Milan. What does Maiden-Art mean? At first glance we think of love for art, and maybe we are not that far away, since the name is synonymous with Pure Art, "dressing up art". The world of Maiden-Art is characterized by research, innovation and irony. The collections are designed with the language of elegance and Italian taste. All creations are realized exclusively with high-quality materials and entirely handmade by artisans. Maiden-Art is not just a fashion project, but also the result of blending art with experimentation through photography, video-art and performance. In short, living on the thin boundary that separates pure art from the fascination of couture."






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