How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40.

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40

This Article is for YOU if you want:

  • to express in the most powerful way who you are.

  • to keep learning, changing and growing in age and mind.

  • to use your style as a way to stay true to yourself.

Owning your style is something that needs consistency, it is like a discipline and you need to keep working on it, but it's the most powerful expression of yourself.

When you look at yourself and you feel so confident everything completely changes. You should use your style to express not only your outside world but mostly your inside world.

In this article, I want to help you showing your inside and outside to the world, with the right outfits and jewelry, because you deserve the best.

"Jewelry is your ally to increase your self-esteem"

If you look confident, you will feel automatically confident and confidence is the best make up you can wear.

So let's dive in!



Heres' 10 Tips to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40:

1. Balance out your wardrobe and be aware of what to accentuate.
You should wear only what looks and feels great.
Choose only clothes and jewelry that fit you perfectly.

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40 -

2. Wear only fitted bras and undergarments.
Fitted underwear should be a MUST have, a priority now in your wardrobe.

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40 -

3. Reach for darker shades of denim.
It's time now to dress as stylish as possible to enhance your features.
The best way to do that is to wear a darker stone washed denim with straight or bootleg cut. This denim style will definitely elongate your body and look more sophisticated. 
You can wear a white shirt, a dark shade of denim and a beautiful chocker like this one in the picture.

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40 -


4. Avoid micro mini skirts and wear skirts with hem just to or above the knee.
Pencil Skirts and Lariat Necklace are the perfect choice is you want to elongate your figure too.

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry over 40 -

5. Buy a beautiful classic coat that last long and it can be combined with chic jewelry.
A pea coat is a classic outerwear style for both men and women. Originally worn by sailors, this traditionally wool coat is well designed to keep you warm in winter and looks totally fashionable to wear.
Dress it down with jeans and sneakers for day, or up with a dress, heels for night and with a contemporary bracelet

How to Dress and Wear Jewelry Over 40 -

6. Choose a little black dress to wear with gorgeous jewelry.
little black dress symbolizes effortless elegance, simplicity, and style. It is essential for every woman because it is iconic, versatile, and timeless. Wear it with a gorgeous necklace and you will stand out from the crowd with simplicity.

7. Play with jewelry and accessories, showing your creativity.
Jewelry can make any outfit look great.
It can dress up a plain outfit, or make easier a more formal piece. There's absolutely no reason not to spice up your wardrobe with some stunning jewelry. Have fun with your jewelry and let it make a statement about your style.

statement necklace with orange agate

8. Only purchase what makes you feel amazing.
Don't waste time and money on what doesn't feel and look amazing on you. Be careful on what you buy. You should put your time and money on unique or one of a kind clothes or jewelry that can boost your confidence and make you stand out from the crowd immediately. You are an amazing human being and you deserve the best. Why should you wear something that somebody else wear? Why not to dress something that is in a limited series or unique so you are the only wearer?
I really think that you should be really wise now on what to wear every single day, because it's time now to accentuate the best of you and show to the world your inside and outside without fears or doubts. 

Choose to be Unique.

9. Choose jewelry strategically to make your outfit incredibly stylist.

statement necklace

10. Focus on your inner brightness and your style will follow. 

statement jewelry 

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