How to Wear Jewelry at Work.

how to wear jewelry at work jewelry at work

How to Wear Jewelry at Work.

This Article is for You if:

    • You love Jewelry and You want to Wear them at Work.

    • You want to update your Working outfits with new Jewelry without spending a fortune.

    • You want to reward Yourself with the pleasure of Wearing Stylish Jewelry even at work. 

The purpose of this article is to make a little bit more fun your 9-5 job, thinking of how to play with jewelry with an outfit for office work.

If you are working in the office, I have 3 tips for wearing Statement and Boho Rock Chic jewelry at work.

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3 Tips fro wearing jewelry at work

1. Are you working in a very conservative office, so you are choosing only one accessory? If so, make it earrings.

How to Wear Jewelry at Work

Use oversized studs or statement earrings to keep it classy, polished and they will improve your look in the office.

How to Wear Statement Earrings at Work.

These earrings are made with crystals, natural pink agate stones, silver plated brass and small charms. They are totally hand made, hand varnished, hypoallergenic and made in Italy.

Long Earrings are the right choice if you want to make your look original or spyce up your look, but without upsetting your outfit in the office.

2. Go for only one gold bold piece.

With your office outfit try bohemian - style jewelry, like a bib or statement cuff.

How to Wear Jewellery at Work

How to Wear Statement Jewelry at Work

This gorgeous necklace has been made with an intricate and twisted design, with a stylish combination of pink Agate stones, rose gold-plated brass and glass beads.

3. Tired at work? Use rings to improve your mood and your feelings.

How to Wear Rings at Work

You'll work at in front of your computer, staring at your keyboard all day, so wearing rings will brighten your mood.

How to Wear Statement Ring at Work

This Letter Ring in gold is the right choice for a Christmas Gift, a Mother's Day gift, memorable occasion, or a casual day that you want to make a little bit more special. This design can be personalized - You can choose the message or the name you want to add.

And where are you working?

Do you wear jewelry at work?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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