The Hidden Meaning Behind Pink Agate GemStones, Pink Agate Crystals.

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The Hidden Meaning Behind Pink Agate GemStones, Pink Agate Crystals.

The Hidden Meaning Behind Pink Agate Gemstones, Pink Agate Crystals.

Do you know your favorite gemstone or crystal meaning?

One of my favorite stone is the the pink agate stone.

I worked with this stone in many occasions and in loads of my collections. 

I love pink agate stones because pink is one of my favorite color and every single pink agate stone is totally different one from the other.

Pink agates have also amazing properties on your mood, energy and health.

They are good for stimulating the third eye to induce channeling and visions, it can also enhance clairvoyance.  

Partially translucent with opaque pink and cream patterns, pink agate is reported to help strengthen the bonds between parents and children.

Pink agate increases friendliness and happiness, place them over your heart for maximum benefit!

Some Maiden-Art jewellery with beautiful pink agate stones below:

unshine Earrings



ystic Allure Bracelet


Sunshine Necklace


Sunshine Bracelet



Angleria Necklace


Mystic Allure Long Earrings


In next blog posts I will write more about gemstone meanings, properties ad how to use them for improving your lifestyle and get amazing benefits from them in everyday.

And what is your favorite gemstone?

Please share your ideas below, I would love to hearing from you!

With much love,



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