How to Upgrade Your Life with Jewelry and Things You Love.

How to Upgrade Your Life with Jewelry and Things You Love.

How to Upgrade Your Life with Jewelry and Things You Love.


This Article is for You if:

  • You want to Transform your Life and Take it to the Next Level.
  • You want to Become Your Dreams, You want to Become your Ideal Person, The Person of your Dreams.
  • You want to be more Confident in what you Do, Wear the Clothes and Jewelry that you Love, Enhance your Features, Reward YourSelf, Buy a New House, Change Your Job, Learn to Invest or Achieve a New Social Status.

The Purpose of this Article is to help you achieve your Goals and to Become the Person you Want to Be.

* Do you want to Upgrade your Life, rise your Standards and Became the Next Version of Yourself?

* Do want to Achieve Everything you ever Dreamt in your Life, but you never had the courage to do it?

* Do you want to see yourself in a different way, physically and emotionally? A new Image, A new House, A new Car and A new Life?

If you answered Yes to the questions above, I definitely think this quick guide will help you.

I decided to write this Article because I think it can be really helpful for you, if you want to change things that you don't like in your life, but I wrote it as a reminder for myself too, because in daily routine sometime I loose my focus.

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I have created a 3 Step Guide To Upgrade your Life with Things you Love.

 1. STEP ONE: Rise Your Standards.

If you want to change and improve your life, the first thing you should do is to rise your standards.

What do I mean with Rise your Standards?

I mean raise your expectations, demand more from yourself and chose who you want to become.

I learnt this on my self as an entrepreneur, running 3 businesses: Maiden-Art , Ebooks4Fashion and a B&B in Italy, and at the same time, having a family and a daughter.

Sometimes it gets so hard to get everything done perfectly in your businesses, as mother to deal with your daughter needs and as a wife with your husband's needs, but I have just realized that nothing must be perfect.

The most important thing is the process to achieve your goals and the courage of demanding more from yourself.

As an entrepreneur, I have created 3 Ways to Boost Your Mindset for Success that you can use it to Raise your Standards in everything you do, from your personal life to your job or business.

A. Visualize your goals and be thankful.

Visualize Yourself and Your Goals as you have already achieved. This is a super powerful exercise to train your brain to get used to see yourself in a different way and to new habits.

Be thankful always for what you already have in your life and in your business or job. Gratitude is the most powerful source of happiness in your Life and in what you do.

B. Don’t complain.

We complain more than what we think. Try not to complain for one month and you will see a big change in your life.

C. Find your mentors.

You cannot do everything by yourself without sharing your feelings, emotions, struggles, pains and success with anybody else.

You will feel miserable, you'll loose your confidence and your belief will soon...

So my suggestion, is to choose people you can connect with and relate to.

Sign up for their courses, follow their blogs and ask them to be your mentor.

You will immediately stop feeling overwhelmed, poor and over time you will start to think like them.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can download now my FREE Guide.

5 Ways to Boost Your Mindset for Success

2. STEP TWO: Take to the Next Level Your Core Beliefs.

Step 2 is a crucial step in Upgrading your Life.

If you don't really believe in your new standards, you will never achieve your new goals or become your next version of yourself.

Upgrading your core beliefs is central to make any real and lasting change in your lives.

You must develop a sense of certainty that you can and will meet the new raised standards before you actually do.

So you should be fully convinced in your own mind of your new upgraded standards.

3. STEP THREE: Enhance your Strategy.

This is my favorite part, because I strongly believe on TAKING ACTIONS!

If you don't take action, everything in Step One and Two is just vain, useless.

You need to find real and concrete strategies to get it done.

 Now let's talk about concrete strategies :)

For example: Do you want to have a richer life? Do you dream to have a new comfortable bigger house, or do you dream to have a new image?

Nothing is impossible.

You just need to plan and create your own strategy and system to follow to achieve your goals.

If you want a new comfortable house, this topic is very close to me as I'm planning to buy a bigger house for my family, I just plan ahead all the steps to achieve this goal.

You can easily follow what I'm doing to plan to buy my new house.

I'm searching first what is the real estate situation in Italy and especially in my area: Lake Maggiore, to understand prices and the market.

As you know, I have another apartment that I transformed in a B&B, which I bought with a loan and I decided to rent it out for holidays, so I could payback my loan,  get new source of income, too.

So because I have another mortgage, I'm using Mortgage Calculator  to calculate the affordability of buying a new house to live, so I know in advance if I can afford it or not, or maybe in my case is just better to rent it instead of buying it.

Mortgage Calculator

Once I have found out the affordability of buying a house, I can select the house I want and start planning to buying it.

This is just an example of what I do my self to take action to upgrade my life.

Do you want to change your image at work to be more successful, instead?

You can update your working outfits without spending a fortune.

You need just to visualize your goals and take action.

You can read a previous article I wrote about How To Wear Jewelry at Work.

If you are working in a very conservative office, you can still upgrade your image by using the right jewelry like oversize studs or statement earrings to keep it classy, polished and they will improve your outfit in the office.

You might like this earrings below:

Statement Earrings

These are just simple examples of how you can improve your life and your image, but always with planning ahead with a strategy.

Hope this article will help you!



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