3 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Workout In.

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3 Pieces of Jewelry You Can Workout In.

3 Pieces of jewelry you can workout in

This Article is for You if:

  • You never take off your favorite jewelry because you love them so much.

  •  You are habitual of wearing lucky jewelry or talisman jewelry every day and you don't want to take them off at the gym or at the swimming pool.

  • You want to be stylish with your jewelry even during workouts because it boosts your confidence.

If you see yourself in what I mentioned above, than this article is definitely for you.

Wearing the right jewelry can energize yourself and your body. It's an easy way to instantly look more beautiful and powerful.

We all want to feel strong, beautiful, sexy and to show to the world our bold personality.

So if you are like me, and you are obsessed by wearing jewelry all the time (I know I'm a Jewelry designer so It's quite obvious that I love wearing jewelry...) even when you are working out, then this blog post can definitely help you :-)

For starters, sweat from the workouts is harsh to metals like gold plated or silver plated jewelry, although you will only notice the tarnishing after many months.

You can clean the tarnish easily so it means that you can workout in with them.

However my suggestion is always to work out with lightweight jewelry necklaces  and bracelets and to avoid earrings or rings, which are the items that break the most.

Furthermore, It's very important before working out to choose the type of workouts that you love more, so you'll feel better and you'll enjoy it.

Before working out, I use a WorkOut Calculator, to choose the workout I want to do and the calories I'm going to burn, so I know exactly what to wear.

Heres' an example of my WorkOut Calculator and How many calories I will burn during a walking for pleasure, work break.

 Work Out calculator


And Now Let's Start!

I have highlighted 3 Pieces of Jewelry that you can workout in.

1.  High Quality Personalized Jewelry made of Sterling Silver.

engraved sterling silver necklace

 2. High Quality Braided or Leather Jewelry.

leather jewelry

3. All Jewelry You Are Obsessed with ONLY if You Apply petroleum jelly around the areas of your Skin in contact with the jewelry.

If you want to look stylish when you work out, make sure to have a look to our NEW Collection of ActiveWear and LoungeWear "BE YOU".


And What About You?

Do you love working out with jewelry?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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