Discover Your Unique Rockmantic Style with Maiden-Art Jewelry! 🌟

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Hello, I'm Maristella! 😊

Are you ready to embrace a style that's uniquely YOU? 

I'm here to help you find the perfect piece from Maiden-Art's exquisite rockmantic jewelry collection – crafted with passion and designed to make you feel confident, sexy, and stand out effortlessly.

Vogue Italia defines Maiden-Art as an "exclusive and unique Italian handcrafted jewelry brand with a strong visual impact of a London rock and roll style combined with a Made in Italy glamorous twist." 
It's true; my creations are complex, dreamlike, sweet, yet strong and decisive—just like You.

Are you a strong, romantic woman who adores unique and original pieces? 

Do you appreciate statement jewelry that effortlessly updates your look? 

Are you a fan of quality, handmade designs from Italian artisans?

If you've nodded along to any of these, welcome to the perfect place. 

I design for "Rockmantic people" like you—passionate, determined, and never giving up on what they love.

Let me share a bit of my story with you. I'm just like you—busy, sometimes forgetting to take care of myself. That's why I create fashion jewelry that adds a touch of glam to any look, effortlessly updating your outfits, just like that perfect cherry on top!

Maiden-Art is not just a brand; it's a personal connection. My mission is to provide you with unique and innovative designs, rockmantic style, handmade jewelry, and pieces made in Italy. No stress, no wasted time—simply enhance your outfit and embrace your features!

In 2011, Vogue Talents and the International Exhibition IFF in Tokyo recognized Maiden-Art, showcasing our dedication to excellence. The collections have graced the pages of Vogue Italia, WWD Magazine, Elle Italia, and many more.

Whether you're in Northern Italy or exploring online, Maiden-Art is accessible. Visit our boutique in the beautiful ancient village of Angera, near Varese, or explore our collection at

Need help choosing the perfect piece? Contact me anytime—I'm here to share the joy of rockmantic style with you! 😊💖

Rock on, 

Rockmatic + Mindfulchic Jewelry & More to Boost Your Confidence in Just 5 Minutes.

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