How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone?

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do you know that a well matched piece of jewelry can bring out your eyes, brighten your complexion and give skin a healthy glow?

how to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone

So, It's really important to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone to enhance your features and you can use it as your beauty secrets.

How do you choose jewelry that’s right for you?

How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Skin Tone.



First of all, look at your veins in your wrist and determine the colors.

Blue veins indicate a "Cool" skin tone, Green veins indicate a "Warm" skin tone.
If you have a cool skin tone choose jewelry in silver, white gold or platinum.

If you have a warm skin tone or you are tanned, then go for gold, rose gold or bronze.
The metal you choose will compliment your skin tone.

Try with a simple test to see which metal looks better close to your face.
Simply hold the jewelry in those two metals against your face, and take notice of which one makes your overall complexion look brighter and stands out more.

However, if you can't decide because both metals seem to look good on your face, then you might be a Neutral.

Cool Skin Tone and Jewelry in Silver, Gun Metal.

Cool skin tone

If you are a cool skin tone like Gwyneth Paltrow or Lucy Liu, you can definitely choose a necklace in silver like this one below:

 silver necklace for cool skin tone

Warm Skin tone and Jewelry in Gold, Rose Gold or Bronze.

warm skin tone

Instead if you are a warm skin tone like Jessica Alba or Eva Mendes, you can go for a necklace in rose gold and bronze like this one below:

Rose gold, bronze necklace for warm skin tone


But it’s not just about matching metals.
Choosing the right gemstone, pearls and crystals colors will also help your skin look healthy.

Cool skin tones should go for bright colors like pink, red, blue, purple and green when choosing a stone.

Warm skin tones should go for orange, brown, yellow and turquoise.

Hope you found valuable this blog post and if you need any help or you have any question, please just comment below or write to me and I'd love to help you finding the best jewelry for you!

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