How to Know the Meaning of the First Letter of your Name in Jewelry.

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How to Know the Meaning of the First Letter of your Name in Jewelry.

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How to know the meaning of the first letter of your name in jewelry.


This Article is for You if you want:

  • To Learn the Meaning of The First Letter of Your Name.

  • To Choose Your Initial Jewelry with Mindfulness.

  • To Give a Letter or Initial Jewelry Gift for Someone Else with love and consciousness.

What tells you the first letter of your name ?

What do you know from the first letter of your name ?

The First Letter tells us more than you think about ourselves, our personality and who we are.

So knowing the meaning of the first letter of your name, helps you to know more about yourself and your strengths.

It helps you to choose your Initial Jewelry or your Name Jewelry with Mindfulness but it also helps you if you want to give a special gift to someone you love with consciousness.

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In this article I will analyze every single letter of the alphabet and tell you what is the meaning. 



Let's Start!

  • A: People with the first letter is A in their name are very strong, brave and they like to be in control of everything happen around them. They are leader but they consider other individuals’ thoughts very important.
  • B: They are shy and loners in general but at the same time when they encounter people they like, they try to be affable and they try to express sympathy. Despite of their introvert personality, they are quite determined.

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  • C: They are highly sensitive and emotional. They are very optimistic, with a strong sense of humour and they communicate their opinions easily.

  • D: These people are very rational, analytical and they can solve any sort of situations with ease. They work best under stress as they are problem solving.

  • E: They are free spirits. They love freedom. They are adventurous and romantic. They like to travel a lot as they like to explore. They fall in love at first sight and they are party people, too.

  • F: They love to help others. Sometimes they take care more about others than themselves. So It's nice if these people will start to reward themselves with some gifts.

  • G: They are very rational. They have a Great Mind and they seems to be so great to make money.

  • H: These people have lots of imagination. They are very creative in many aspects of life. They trust their instincts and they are very well connected with Nature.

  • I: The Most Creative People. They are Artists! These people love Fashion, Art, Design. Unfortunately, sometimes they deal with negative thoughts, so what it's important for them is to keep their FOCUS all the time.

  • J: These people are real motivators. They love to motivate others, bringing joy to people's life.

  • K: They are all about wisdom and instinct. They take decisions most of the time, following only their heart.

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  • L: These people spend so much time on overthinking. They should let it go more. They love to travel and they have a warm soul that cares for all.

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  • M: These people (like me) are workaholic. They have a strong will. They are completely restless and full of energy all the time.

  • N: They are romantic and they love to write their thoughts on paper. That's why they often have a diary.

  • O: This person is connected very much to emotions. They have also a very high sense of morality and sometimes they tend to show romantic envy.

  • P: These people sometimes seem to be cold and distant because they might get focused on the negative side of things too often, that's why they simply need to relax.

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  • Q: They take sometimes volatile decisions. They can have a strong leadership and at the same time they can be very diplomatic.

  • R: These people are great in everything they do. They bring positivity and lots of energy everywhere they go. They try to keep harmony around them.

  • S: These people are charismatic and they feel things very deeply. Sometimes they should analyze decisions better to not rush.

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  • T: They take too many projects at the same time, so they might feel overwhelmed. It's strongly recommended that they try to maintain their focus and not get distracted by so many things.
  • U: They are very quick on making decisions and to adapt themselves to many different situations.  Good thing is that they tend to be good at taking advantage of situations.

  • V: These people are very intuitive. They are also dreamers as they sometimes have difficulties to separate dreams from reality.

  • W: They are very powerful and charismatic, constantly making adequate decisions for the multiple situations they put themselves in. They are so charismatic that they are constantly surrounded by a crowd of people.

  • X: They are deeply emotional and their mind never stops. They can be easily influenced by everything happen around them.

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  • Y: They love freedom and they are very adventurous. They are quick in everything they do.

  • Z: They attract love and friendship so easily. They are carefree and love Nature. However sometimes they might take hurried decisions.

What is your Initial?

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