"Angleria" collection is inspired by an ancient village "Angera,"  located on the Eastern shore of Lake Maggiore. In this place stands a romantic medieval castle, the symbol of the city, and also where Maiden-Art also its first flagship store. "Angleria" comes from the desire to blend harmonious lights, colors and shapes of a "dreaming" landscape with sparkling jewels, rich of intricately and luminescent details, coming from multi-colored crystals and unique precious stones. Timeless and contemporary jewellery designs, which play with the preciousness of materials and the simplicity of varying shapes. Each jewel contains a story and a name stolen from the narrow streets of the village, which seems to protect and hide a fragile and a laughing soul at the same time. The collection expresses shapes and colors which radiate the beauty of an untouched time. Our collection is handmade by the very best Italian jewellery designers and artisans to give a contemporary and romantic feel. 




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