How to Wear Native Indian Inspired Jewelry.

autumn indian native inspired jewelry

How to Wear Native Indian Inspired Jewelry.

How to Wear Native Indian Inspired Collection

The Fall season has just started with lots of new trends, moods and colors. 

Kids are back to school and adults are back to work.

The main color of this season is burgundy and all the warm colors are predominant in every styles, in fashion and in design, too.

Leaves are falling down and we are breathing a new air everywhere.

Even if I love Summer time, I love September too, because it looks for me a great month of refresh and a new starting point.

The style I'm totally crazy of, is definitely, the Native Indian Inspired in Fall Winter collection.

Many designers were influenced by American Indian style, shapes and colors.
From the shows, I selected some of my favorite collections from DSquared and Marjan Pejoski. 

I loved so much the colorful wool capes with colorful patterns, embroidery and lots of leather fringes!

The softness of this fabric is just gorgeous and you can feel the warmness from the pictures below:

Marjan Pejoski.


Native Indian Inspired photo editorials mood.

I was inspired by Native Indian mood in my latest handcrafted jewelry collection with antique silver feathers, gold coins and small brass crosses. Some of my creations below:

All my Native Indian Inspired jewelry collection is available to shop online and for any special request or if you have any questions you can always reach me out any time!

What's your favorite Fall trend? Which is your favorite piece from Native Indian Inspired style?

Stay tuned, next week you gonna receive a special gift and surprise!

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