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Today, let's talk about Earrings and especially STATEMENT EARRINGS!

Chandelier earrings and a cuff  bracelet or a statement ring can look beautiful when worn together. Just make sure to select items that work together!

Statement earrings are beautiful and they cannot be missed.

They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you, will notice.
To make sure they frame your face, choose a pair that suits your face shape and enhances your features.

Don't forget, it’s all about balance, so while you can pump up the volume with simple earrings, larger ones will balance better with loose waves or straight hair.
Otherwise, pull your hair up into a chic chignon, so your earrings can enlighten your face.
Also make sure that your make-up balances well with your earrings.

I love the idea to wear only one statement earring with loose hair and an evening dress to give a new fresh appeal to the look.

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Chandelier earrings with rose quartz stones

Remember that statement pieces are supposed to make a statement, so choose pieces that help you to create an over-all outfit.

If you wish to know more about wearing the right statement jewelry with your outfit please feel free to contact me and I would love to chat!

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