Fall Winter 2015

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At Maiden Art we know how to use statement colour to embellish our stunning Autumn/Winter jewellery collection for 2014- 2015. This collection of high quality jewellery uses sweet and delicious looking Swarovski crystals that are intricately combined with satin glass pearls. Not forgetting the undeniable Maiden Art edge with splatters of their rock and roll London style. Some of the rock and roll style jewellery features statement gold plated chains which are inspired by New York in the 1970s and by Nico, who was a fashion icon of the age. Maiden Art offers a whole range of handmade necklacesunique bracelets, earrings embellished with rainbow crystals in powder pink, purple, green,  rose, blue, orange and red, purple and black hematite jet.These colours enhance the tones of the cooler seasons.  We combine these statement elements with material such as subtle rose gold chains to give a really delectable look. We use only the finest materials in our Italian handmade designs to give the wearer the best jewellery possible.