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5 Easy Ways to wear Statement Jewelry with Style.

Dear Rockmantic People,

Give a girl the right jewelry and she can conquer the world! :)

Jewelry is the perfect way to update your look and bring to life any outfits.

What a better way to do so, than to complete your look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry?

They can transform a boring outfit into something a little more interesting, or add that touch of girly to your usual tomboy style.

Statement pieces are designed for you to have fun with, so make sure to wear them in the correct way to enhance your features!

The beauty of statement jewelry is that it only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out.

>>> Grab here in English my FREE Guide "5 Easy Ways to wear Statement Jewelry with Style". 

5 Easy Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry with Style


>>> Grab here in Italian my FREE Guide " 5 Semplici Modi per Indossare Bijoux Importanti con Stile"

Once you see  how useful statement jewelry truly are, to amplify your wardrobe, I think you might change your mind. :)

Make sure you follow my ideas to pull off a look, that gets people looking at you and say WOW you Look Stunning !

To your Successful Style and Life,



p.s. One last time, here the links to download my FREE jewelry guide in English and in Italian

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3 Top Jewelry Trends from Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

Hello Rockmantic People,

Eccentricity and weirdness are a common theme from all Spring Summer 2017 runways.

I'm totally in love with that and especially the big, bold and audacious jewelry trend.

If you are like me, you will love this season's heavy massive jewelry pieces, giant pendants, sophisticated elegant chokers and non identical earrings!

Spring Summer 2017 is all about “the stranger, the better”...  I cannot agree more and that's why I created my new collection "I believe in Fairytales" : a rebel look, mixed with a romantic style.

Watch my Spring Summer 2017 inspiration moodboard:

I've also selected 3 Top jewelry trends, that I'm totally in love from Spring Summer 2017 and that you can find also in my Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection.

1. Choker's obsession
Chokers are still so strong this season, they are seductive pieces and they are able to jazz up any outfit.

chokers in spring summer 2017

Two of my favorite chokers from my Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection:

Rose quartz and moon charm choker necklace. Perfect for parties, summer time and gift for her.

Safety pins, crystals and pearls choker necklace. Perfect for parties, summer time and gift for her.

 2.  All eyes on ears
Earrings, earrings and more earrings please! From non identical earrings to massive earrings everywhere is one of the top jewelry trend of this season.
So have fun with earrings, combine them as you like or wear just a single earring with your outfit. All eyes will be on YOU, for sure!

all eyes on earrings spring summer 2017 jewelry trend

earrings spring summer 2017 jewelry trends

Play with your style with Maiden-Art new earrings from Spring Summer 2017 collection.
Get inspired buy my new earrings with stars, moon, safety pins with crystals and the beautiful rose quartz stone.

Star and Moon Earrings. Perfect for parties, summer time and gift for her. In 2 Colors.

Silver safety pins, crystals and pearls cluster earrings. Perfect for parties, spring, summer time and gift for her.

Rose quarz drop earrings with moon charm. Perfect for parties, summer time and gift for her.

3. Lanyards  necklaces
Lanyards that are originally meant to secure a whistle or a knife, are now used as unique necklace styles this season.

Lanyard necklace from Spring Summer 2017

Here's one rock chic lanyard style necklace from my Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection:

Silver razor blade. safety pins, crystals and pearls lariat necklace. Perfect for parties, summer time and gift for her.

 Are you ready to match your new jewelry with your clothing?

If you want to know more, don't miss out my new Videos about my Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection.

To your Successful Style and Life,



p.s. One more time, here's the link to watch my Videos about my new Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection.



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I believe in Fairytales...and YOU?

Hello Rockmantic People,

I believe in Fairytales...and YOU?

It's not a joke but it's my New Spring Summer 2017 Jewelry collection ! :)

Discover my array of gems & birthstones including rose quartz, calcedony, jade, agate & more.
Each piece is unique, tells is own story and each stone has a different meaning and healing properties.

Want to know more? 

Watch my videos where I tell you the story of my new collection, my inspiration, which materials and stones I used and much more:

Watch now >>>

Spring Summer 2017 jewelry collection

What's your favorite Spring Summer's style?

With love,



p.s. PS. Did you get my free jewelry guide "5 Easy Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry with style"? You can download it now here.

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PG Fashion et Glams pop up shop at Maiden-Art Boutique

Hello Rockmantic People,

I'm so excited to let you know about the new March temporary store at Maiden-Art Boutique: PG FashionetGlams collections from Papeete, French Polynesia.
Pg FashionetGlams is about wonderful colors and inspiring perfumes from the amazing dreaming island Papeete, French Polynesia, through is collection of watches, handbags, scarves.
I wish I've visited Papeete, but unfortunately I haven't yet, but I can feel the island through PG FashionetGlams style, that's why I wanted to interview Pascal the owner and createur of PG FashionetGlams collection, to understand  better his work and how he started his business.
1) When & why did you start PG Fashion et Glams collections? 
The pgfashionetglams collections started 2 years ago during a trip to Tahiti in Polynesia. During my stay on these distant islands, I had the chance to meet an artistic director, a fashion photographer and a DJ who asked me to dress their artists and dancers in a clip. Doing so, I decided to set up my own business and follow my own destiny. In a first time,to realize a child's dream. Able to dress the women of the planet. Make them even more beautiful. More desirable. Perfume them, sublimate them that they feel sure of her, woman and mother at the same time.
2)Tell me a little more about your brand and you favorite designs.
Initially the brand is based on lure. The attraction that can occur in one person to another. Charm, desire and seduction. Personally, as a creative founder, I like to draw swimsuits, summer skirts or hats. But the shoes remain my cute sin.
3)Where did you study and which is your background?
Self-taught, I am the curriculum of my parents entrepreneurs. To create, I am the thread of my emotions, the seasons, the nature ,my travels.
But pgfashionetglams is a meeting of a pleiad of creators who come from different backgrounds with different styles, from different school. Some more able to work on the flower, others on the leather ...
4) How would you describe your style?
it's both a marriage of glamor, chic and charm. Small everyday accessories, a personal touch that makes you unique and irresistible.
5) Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?
yes, there is a lot of important brand that I would like to work with. Like Versace or Kenzo. But the one that interests me the most is Victoria Secret. The angels make me dream!
6) Any celebrities wearing your designs?
Cindy Bastien, French reality star, DJ Fred Tahiti, famous dj tahitien and Miss Madagascar 2016 for Miss Monde, who was not able to participate in the prestigious competitions following an administrative worry.
Because we also create unique pieces for particular not intended for sale.
7)  Where do you sell your collections mostly?
We sell mainly on Paris 13 th in a pop up at Dunois Square. As well as on papeete, the capital of Tahiti. For those who can not move, it remains the website. We receive orders from Hawaii, Los Angeles, Dubai ... from around the world ...
8) How do you see your business in future?
Our concept aims to open up a pop-up per month in one of the big cities of the world. Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan ... Lately we were called to launch our summer creations on Madrid via an internationally renowned brand. Luckily pgfashionetglams brings together several creators, with their touch and unique know-how. With their own world, their universe. Thanks to this diversity, everyone can find themselves there. Soon, we will launch the 1st BALL fragrance. A fresh and enchanting fragrance completely bewitching. But all this is another chapter, another story ...'

If you cannot come to visit PG FashionetGlams pop up store, you should definitely check
online his collections:
Instagram: @pgfashionetglams
PG fashionetglams
PG FashionetGlams
PG fashionetglams at Maiden-Art Boutique
PG FashionetGlams pop up shop at Maiden-Art boutique from 1st of March until 31st of March 2017.
Come here and get inspired by the Polynesian Style!
With love,
p.s. PS. Did you get my free jewelry guide "5 Easy Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry with style"? You can download it now here.
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How to wear bohemian jewelry: Festival Season 2017 fashion tips.

Dear Rockmantic people,

Festival season is closer than you think and I want to make sure you are ready for the fun and dressed up in Maiden-Art's coolest Festival ready jewelry.

Think about warm sunshine, boho chic and rockmantic jewelry, long summer nights, how do you feel? Are you excited?
So be ready for the best Music Festivals around the Planet with the perfect statement chockers, stackable ringsstackable bangles and hoop earrings.

Festival season look and jewelry

Here an Idea of a perfect outfit for your favorite Music Festival:

Coachella StyleClick to Shop:

>Maiden-Art statement green stone chocker necklace

>Maiden-Art gold ring with crosses

>Maiden-Art bangles with charms

Other featured brands:

YSL shoulder bag
Black ripped jeans
Frye Sascha Moto shortie
Floppy Beach Hat

and what is your favorite Music Festival outfit? What will you wear?



PS. Did you get my free jewelry guide "5 Easy Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry with style"? You can download it now here.

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