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Dear Rockmantic readers,

today, I want to share with you something a little bit different.

I want to talk about myself, what I like and what I have in mind :-) because I think you need to know that there is a person behind my brand @maidenart and not just a jewelry brand like others :-)

I design rockmantic jewelry with a strong and romantic woman in mind.
A woman that never gives up, determined and passionate in everything she does.
Sometimes the woman in my mind is very busy and she forgets to take care of herself (like me),
that's why I create fashion jewelry that can give a great touch to any look or effortlessy update any outfits! 

I have the same problems, sometimes I'm too busy and I completely forget to take care of myself.
I get lost in millions of thoughts and things to do and I forget there is a "ME" to take care of.

So this is why I wanted to design jewelry that can be easily worn and can fit any woman, giving a new fresh and strong look to any wardrobe and can solve the problem to have no time to change your outfit for different occasions or to buy new clothing styles to update your wardrobe.

So you don't need to spend hours thinking on what to wear and how to match your outfit!

Maiden-Art jewelry can be worn with everything you like, no stress, no time waisted, easily enrich your outfit and enhance your features!

If you want to know 5 easy ways to wear statement jewelry with style, just click here and you'll receive my Helpful FREE Guide for YOU!

And if you need any further help how to style your jewelry please feel free to contact me and I would love to give you my advices!

To your Successful Style!




Me and My Love last summer in Tropea, Calabria, South of Italy.


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