How to wear jewelry at the BEACH?

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Dear Rockmantic readers,

I'm going soon on holidays in a new fantastic place in Southern Italy: Tropea, in Calabria and I was just wondering which of my MAIDEN-ART jewelry creations to bring with me.
I'm used to wear loads of jewellery, of course as I'm a jewelry designer, but I never thought to wear them at the beach.
Instead I was thinking, what’s more glamorous than a piece of fabulous statement jewelry?
Whether it’s a big pair of hoop earrings, a multi-strand necklace or stacked bangles, jewellery can transform even the simplest swimsuit into a surprisingly cool beachwear.
For example a super basic triangle bikini can be brought it into life with a beaded multi-strand necklace in eye-catching corals and opalite stones.
With jewelry your bikini at the beach can be effortless chic! 

If you are ready to start turning heads while walking along the beach or chilling at the pool with your beachwear and your jewelry, then follow my tips below and start experiencing the MAIDEN-ART jewelry effect! :)

* Keep it simple and chic with one statement piece and don't overload with many accessories.

* Wear beaded, silk/textiles or simple jewelry that can be easily cleaned and they don't tarnish.

* Wear unique pieces, that can be worn mostly at the beach like anklets or body jewelry and they can enhance your features.

* Use bright and stylish jewelry to make a simple suit looking extraordinary and to style one piece suit in a variety of different ways.

* Don't wear valuable rings like wedding rings, gold, diamonds that you can loose easily and they are so expensive.

Maiden-Art hidden place necklace with corals and opalite stones.











Maiden-Art body jewelry


Which jewelry do you wear at the beach?

Which is your favorite piece of jewelry and your favorite beachwear?

Feel free to share your thoughts below :)



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