3 Easy ways to wear statement necklaces with style.

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Dear Rockmantic Readers,

It's long time since I've been blogging here, but time gets crazy and I was completely lost in millions of things to do, like new collections, new customers, orders, my own store and teaching to my students of Accademia del Lusso in Milan. It has been a great time for me, I enjoyed a lot the improvement I made and what I learnt during the past months.

Anyway now I'm back and I'm proud to share with you, some of my new ideas and good news.

I've just created a FREE ebook guide about 5 ways how to wear statement jewelry (I will upload the FREE guide very soon on this blog and website), because loads of you, are asking me advices about how to wear Maiden-Art jewelry on their outfits. 

As I love to give advices, here below, you can find few of my ideas about how to wear statement necklaces with your outfits!

"KEEP IT SIMPLE" and follow below my 3 ideas:

1. Focus on just 1 or 2 statement pieces at a time. You can wear a chunky or colorful necklace, and at most, match it with interesting bangles or bracelets. Bold pieces are great and they can give you a sparkling look to your outfit. Big accessories are best worn with simple clothes as they are eye-catching.

2. A little black dress is the perfect match for one or two attention-grabbing pieces.

3. Jeans and a pure white top will make an ideal backdrop for something big, bright and colorful. I love the idea to wear a statement sparkling necklace with a simple t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and high heels. It looks sexy and cool!

These are just my simple ideas how to wear eye catching necklaces with you outfits.

And what about you?

How do you like to wear bold necklaces?

Please feel free to share your comments below!







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  • Sabrina on

    I’m obsesses with necklaces and I recently found these breathtaking fashion jewelry necklaces. Check out and let me know if you like it! :)

  • Tanayut on

    you are right, videos are great. it’s a good chngae :) You looked fantastic in both locations. It’s interesting, when I was in NY for FW I noticed the same trend a lot of prints and colors. And I was thinking the same thing it’s great on other, but not on me so much. Thanks for sharing!!!

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