Twentyfour fashion collections pop up store at Maiden-Art boutique

Dear Rockmantic People,

I have the pleasure to present you a new pop up store for the month of October 2016 at Maiden-Art boutique: Twentyfour womenswear collections from UK.

Just a formal introduction to let you know about this beautiful womenswear collection:

"Here at TwentyFour fashion our brand ethos is to create on trend, chic clothes that are easy to wear day or night, out to functions or just for fun. We believe that our simple designs offer a package of cool sophistication that allows you to dress up or dress down as you wish. Priding ourselves on product quality, from the precise designing, to the careful fabric selection and down to creating the final product, every stage in the process has the ultimate attention to detail, so that we can create clothes that you will want to wear over again. TwentyFour fashion is fuss free and accessible without compromising quality or style."

I had the pleasure to interview Lucie, the CEO and designer of Twentyfour  womenswear fashion collections and to present her beautiful collections in my boutique.

So I don't want you to wait any longer, here it is the interview with Lucie.

When & why did you start TwentyFour Fashion?

Work started on TwentyFour Fashion in the September of 2014. I felt that there was a niche in the retail market for simple, on trend clothes that were high quality but at the same time didn't break the bank to buy. However, we only launched in March of this year, it took a while to get everything together and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. This is my first collection and I love it because of its diversity, the pieces work to create an outfit for the day or night. My favorite pieced are the Haile Dress, it is subtle and chic which is totally my style. I also love the Velda top, although sparkles aren't usually my thing these create a beautiful shimmering effect, the boxy silhouette makes it contemporary and it adds an aspect of glamour to the collection.
The funny thing is I didn't study Fashion as a major at university, I studied English Literature and Creative writing. By nature, I am a creative person, and fashion is something I have always taken a keen interest in and felt passionate about. I love to draw and find a lot of my inspiration comes from reading and art. I chose TwentyFour as the name for my brand because I was twenty-four years old when I started the process and so much was happening in my life, I was just about to become a Mum, I had got engaged and my Dad had become very ill. I channeled all these factors into developing TwentyFour and in to creating my first collection.

How would you describe your style?

My style is primarily about keeping things simple and wearing clothes that make me feel comfortable. When I was younger I was so conscious of what other people thought and that meant I never felt fully comfortable with the way I looked, or how I was dressed. Now I am older I don't have those insecurities and the way I dress depends on how I feel, which obviously is always changing, clothes are important to me and the beauty of simple pieces means that you can dress them up or down in which ever way you want to.

Would you like to design collections for an important brand?
It would be my dream to collaborate with an important brand. I love Phillip Limm the clothes his collections scream contemporary chic. He also combines casual and dressy, which I think is really cool.

Any celebrities wearing Twentyfour Fashion?

There haven't been any celebrities that have worn my designs yet, but I would love to work with a someone who could showcase my designs to their fans.

Where do you sell your beautiful collections?

At the moment we have been primarily selling online from our website, but recently we have started to expand and started to do pop up stores. I would love to move into concessions once TwentyFour has become a bit more established.

How do you see your business in future?

I would love to see TwentyFour in Department stores as a concession, that is my dream. I want to become a trusted brand for women to 'go to' for occasions or just because. We have a good brand ethos and as long as I stay true that with my future collections we can develop and grow as a brand.

Hope you enjoyed the interview and if you want to shop your favorite piece from a very cool brand come and visit me at Maiden-Art boutique in Angera or have a look to Twentyfour fashion online store.

With love,



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