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Dear Rockmantic People,

welcome back from holidays!

Autumn is coming very soon, BUT this year I see it very very colorful!

That's why, I have the pleasure to host the new popupshop of Magliefilanti,  so cool and colorful at Maiden-Art boutique!

Magliefilanti - moving colors is Marina Stroder’s sweater collection.

Magliefilanti sweater collection
Florence, where she was born, soaked her in beauty, but it was Milan, the town where she lives and works, that brought her to a wider perspective. 
For 28 years she worked for companies, developing people: a great love which she was totally committed to. Then, at 55 a desire for change seized her, opening new challenges. 
Over two years Magliefilanti was born, the colored thread of her maturity, that binds her to the past but also to the future, allowing her to fully express herself in something real and beautiful: chic and colorful sweaters entirely manufactured in Italy..

Here's Marina's story and her inspiring interview:

1)    When & why did you start MAGLIEFILANTI?

For 28 years I worked for companies, developing people: a great love which I was totally committed to. Then,  at 55 a desire for change seized me, opening new challenges.

In 2015 Magliefilanti was born: my first chic and colorful sweaters collection entirely manufactured in Italy.


2)    Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and your favorite products.

When devising the forms of my products, I constantly strive to be faithful to my inspiring values::

  • Long lasting: simple and tasteful models, born to last in time, far removed from any passing tendencies.
  • Colorful: a suggestion to leave the dictatorship of Black and join the exciting anarchy of Color, complying with the rhythm of nature and its rich variety of hues.  
  • Dedicated to women: Magliefilanti is thought for every woman who lets energy and vital force flow freely in every aspect of her life.

The brand’s iconic top is a pure cotton sweater, to be worn comfortably every day and every season. Many versions of this sweater have been created in different colors and different inserts, ensuring it remains a key element in every new collection. 

3)    Where did you study and which is your background?

I have a Master degree in philosophy at Florence University, where I was born. For almost 30 years I worked as HR consultant, managerial trainer and executive coach for multinational companies, a job that I really loved and still do. Florence soaked me in beauty, but it was Milan, the town where I live and work, that brought me to a wider perspective, giving me the chance to start a new adventure, Magliefilanti.

4) How would you describe your brand identity and style?

Every sweater is made to last, with a focus on attention to detail and Italian production quality. I would say that Magliefilanti is a “daily luxury” brand, that means precious yarns combined with simple shapes. It is an invitation for women to wear color with both hands – discovering every emotion we can live and express through color.

5)    Any celebrities wearing Magliefilanti?

Every woman who chooses Magliefilanti is my favourite celeb!! I do love my clients and want for them the best customer experience.

Even the packaging is in line with my philosophy: a pure cotton shopping bag and an eco-friendly detergent come along with every purchase.

6)    Where do you sell your products mostly?

The pleasure to wear a Magliefilanti sweater is something you have to experience. I want my clients touch and try the softness of my yarns, this is the reason why I sell directly in my comfortable showroom in Milan ( via Giuditta Sidoli 7, by appointment), or at some selected fairs (you can find them on my web sites). Recently I discovered the temporary shop formula, like Maiden Art, at Angera, where I feel honoured to be selected to show my best topics in September and in December.

Magliefilanti sweater collection

7)    How do you see your business in future?

I think retail in Italy is going to change and I’m very curious to see how it will develop. I really believe in collaboration and network and I’m sure that there  will be a lot of space for developing new strategies between producers and retailers, to satisfy women needs to wear something unique, personalized and unconventional.

Magliefilanti moving colors

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Join us in our beautiful colorful world at Maiden-Art Boutique! :-*



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