MonMore Beauty Products for Men partners with Maiden-Art to open Pop-Up-Shop in Italy

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Dear Rockmantic Readers,

I have the pleasure to announce that MonMore Beauty Products for Men partnered with Maiden-Art to open their first popup shop in Italy.

Monmore is an Irish brand with Italian quality, designed for modern men and created to enrich the daily grooming experience.

It's the perfect choice for the men who wants to enrich their daily grooming experience.

The Monmore focus is on men and their needs by using science, innovation and their imagination. 

The same values I share on Mr. Maiden-Art Mens jewelry collection.

Here's a sneak peek of their pop-up-shop at Maiden-Art Boutique. 

Monmore beauty products for men

Monmore popupshop in Italy

Want to know more about Monmore?

Read my Interview with Fabio Gasbarro from MonMore below:

When & why did you start MONMORE?
I have always been captivated by entrepreneurship. I love the thought of turning ideas into reality. It was always in the back of my head, and finally came to the forefront after several years of experiencing corporate life.
I hopped from one industry to the next. This includes but is not limited to, entertainment, finance and consulting. But regardless of where I went, something felt off. I knew I wanted to do my own thing, but hadn’t settled on exactly what just yet.
During an assignment in Italy a few years ago - back then I had already spent nearly 15 years in Ireland - my business partner and I had the opportunity to travel through the “boot” a lot and have wonderful culinary and cultural experiences. I rediscovered the Italian love of quality and style while researching market trends, to avoid declining sectors and industry, and the market research led me to the male grooming sector. I shared the findings with my
business partner and she came up with the idea of starting an Irish brand with Italian quality.
Monmore was officially born in January 2017.

Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and your favorite
The Monmore brand is characterized by the decision not to resort massively and mainly to advertising to communicate with consumers.
The brand then presents a connotation of naturalness as a determinant of its identity. Nature becomes a source of health and beauty. In fact, the active ingredients used in the production of cosmetics come from it, the effectiveness of which is however tested and witnessed by the consumer, through the direct use of the product distributed in samples.
The purchase is considered as an act of attention towards one's own well-being, where the product allows to draw from the simple world of nature, connected to positive connotations of effectiveness, not harmfulness and harmony.
The ideal of beauty proposed by the brand is focused on the search for a harmony that is physiological before aesthetics.
It is achieved through a collaboration between science and
The Monmore man is a man well-groomed but not obsessed with his physical appearance or the dictates of fashion, relaxed and serene, reserved and self-confident.
Where did you study and which is your background?
I studied in Italy where I graduated in economics and business and got a master in Tax Law. Recently I obtained a master in entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation at UCD (University College Dublin). My business partners have an IT and Retail management background, an ideal combination of skills for a start-up.

Any celebrities using your products?
We, at Monmore, value the privacy of our customers and will not reveal any details without their consent.

Where do you sell your products mostly?
We currently sell our products only online and have started operations last year, in September. We mainly sell in Ireland, UK and France.

How do you see your business in future?
We aim to establish Monmore as an important brand that represents quality in skin care, hair care and body care for men.
It is also worth it considering a reverse approach to what seems to be the mainstream trend, dictated by multinational brands and magazines,
where cosmetics traditionally for women are marketed to men (ie. make up), not because we oppose that but because we think there is an opportunity to market some of our products to women (like Monmore body cream for example) due to the fact that clear divisions between genders are becoming blurred.
We also envision the brand entering into partnership with lifestyle retailers because Monmore is a lifestyle choice.

You can find MonMore on:


So what are you waiting for?

Come and discover MonMore beauty products at Maiden-Art boutique!




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