JKBArgent, millionaire hair mist from UK, November popupstore at Maiden-Art Boutique

Dear Rockmantic People,

I have the pleasure to announce you a new popup store at Maiden-Art boutique.
I'm so glad to tell you that the popup store of the month of November is JKBArgent Millionaire hair mist, a revolutionary lightweight, multipurpose styling, hydrating and protectant hair mist.
Softening hair, acting as a foundation to protect the hair shaft against impurities it keeps frizz at bay, increasing elasticity and improving the condition of hair.

I tried it myself first and I'm completely in love with this product as I've seen an incredible change in my hair softness, styling and lightweight.
I will definitely recommend it as your hair stylist at home!
As you know I love the things that can be used without thinking too much and without stressing too much, or wasting time, the same I do when I create my jewelry collection that can be worn easily with every outfit to enhance your features.
That's why I've chosen Millionaire hair mist, because I can use it easily on my hair, just spraying on my hair and I look like I've been hours at the hair dresser.
Millionaire hair mist is made fresh to order, never mass produced so you can be assured it’s an all-natural product free from additives and damaging chemicals.
This is how you can use  it:
Spray on damp hair before styling, apply a small amount if you have fine hair.
Millionaire will penetrate the hair cuticle and over the next few hours your hair will moisturise and soften, rebuilding and strengthening from the inside out.
Its key ingredient, extract of aloe, has a similar chemical structure as keratin (the primary protein in hair) helping to rejuvenate each hair strand, building strength and elasticity.

JKB Argent Millionaire Hair Mist

JKBArgent Millionaire Hair Mist

JKBArgent Millionaire hair mist

I had the pleasure to interview Jas Braich, the owner and creator of this amazing product, so here's what she told me about her innovative idea and her love to make you feeling beautiful:

> When & why did you start JKB Argent? Talk about your brand and product.
It all started when I went on holiday with my family to Goa and I visited a hair salon in the hotel, the stylist wrinkled his nose at my hair and said "Madam your hair is like straw don't you use oil !!!!!! " I told him I used serums and hair gels 
and he said "Really you think new chemical laden products work ??? look around you and see all the locals hair how beautiful it is, go home and use your family hair oils (all families have their own blend )"
I felt a little sheepish and embarrassed told my mum and she said "yes I agree, your hair is bad, here is my oil and use it regularly" 
Now my mums hair oil stinks and is a little heavy and even though it works its very very unattractive in social gatherings !
So I thought to my self how can I incorporate my mums oil with all the goodness and make it more palatable and "European" and 3 years later here I am.
Ive included all the antioxidant , omega 6and 9 , vitamins and goodness that my mums blends have but without the heaviness and greasiness. Its anti frizz and a great moisturiser and will work without you being aware using it regularly will restore your hair and keep it vibrant .
All the ingredients used serve a purpose for example ginger  is a great scalp cleanser, sage intensifies colour , blackcurrant gives volume and shine, castor oil is a great source of protein, pomegranate brings life to damaged hair and aloe is well known for its healing properties.
> Where did you study and which is your background?
With a retail and pharmacy background I thought it would be easy to make, no chance, its a very complicated business and to get the right strength and blends took forever.
My brand is for people who take care in their appearance and will take time to try out a new product. 
> How would you describe your product's style?
This is a luxury product but not too out of reach for people 
The style is luxury, a little quirky, sexy but sophisticated and effortless.
> Would you like to create products for an important brand? if so which one?
I would love to produce a product for Chanel !!! who wouldnt ? 
Urban Decay because I love their high pigmented eyeshadows.
Tom Ford ( yummy !!! ).
> Any celebrities using your product?
There are  a few British and 1 middle Eastern Celebs who use it.
> Where do you sell your product mostly?
I sell mostly on line, a few high end boutiques dotted around the world and Ive just started selling on Amazon Uk.
> How do you see your business in future?
I'm currently developing my mums hair loss oil into a shampoo and conditioner and I hope it will be out in the new year 
and who knows where Ill be after tha...
Hope you enjoyed the interview and I hope you'll come to try this fabulous new hair product for yourself in my boutique in Angera and if you cannot come you definitely must check Millionaire hair mist online.
Millionaire hair mist
To your Successful Style and Life,
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