[December pop up shop] Masoudi London at Maiden-Art Boutique

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Dear Rockmantic people,
I'm so glad to let you know about the new December temporary store at
Maiden-Art Boutique: Masoudi London, beautiful scarves and handcrafted wooden boxes.
The scarves are 
100% wool or 100% linen and hand stamped with Persian art and calligraphy. A few of the scarves carry Farsi (not Arabic) writing the word 'love'.
The Boxes are handmade with wood and inner velvet lining.
I wanted to host so much, Masoudi London, because we share the same values of creating amazing handcrafted high quality products that can last forever.
We both create and carry products that bring a positive message and they enhance your features when you wear them or you have at your home. 
I had the pleasure to interview Pegah the owner of Masoudi London, about her work and how she started her business.
> When & why did you Masoudi Boutique? 
I've always loved art and admired creative minds who could make beautiful original pieces. For years I used to be a customer of many of the designers as artists I work with now. 
Nearly one year ago, when we had our little boy, I decided a career as a freelance management consultant wasn't going to give me the flexibility I need as a mum. That was when I closed that chapter of my life and opened a new exciting one.
I decided I would partner with many of the artists and designers I knew previously to help showcase their talent to the international market and that's how Masoudi.London came about. We are based in London and sell across 3 stockists so far in North West London, Portobello road and East London. We also have online sales and get involved with pop-ups across Europe when we can.
> Where did you study and which is your background?
I studies international business management at university and trained as a management consultant. After ten years of enjoying that career, I needed to change my course to suit our new little family and I couldn't be happier with our new business. 
> How would you describe your style?
I love introducing unusual bespoke items to my home and anything I wear. Items
you couldn't find easily elsewhere and would remember for being original. That's reflected in what I buy for Masoudi.london. We work directly with artists and designers and our stock evolves with their creativity to introduce bespoke original pieces that are limited edition and very often one-off unique items. Everything we have in homeware, Jewellery and accessories is handmade which I think makes them even more special. 
> Where do you sell your collections mostly?
We sell online as well as a boutique in flask walk, Hampstead in the North West of London, at the East London design store and Danaqa boutique in London's Portobello road.
> How do you see your business in future?
We would love to grow stockists, have our own online shop and ultimately end up with a showroom/gallery of our own. We celebrate our one year anniversary in March so we are still a young business with many plans and hopefully celebrations to come!
Instagram: Masoudi.london
Facebook: Masoudi London 
Pinterest: Masoudi London 
Masoudi pop up shop is at Maiden-Art Boutique until Christmas time, so come and find your perfect Christmas and Holiday gifts!
Masoudi Boutique
Masoudi scarf
Masoudi handcraft boxes
Masoudi pop up shop at Maiden-Art boutique

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