A new Pop Up Shop at Maiden-Art Store: LISOLADIPASQUA made in Puglia

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Hello Rockmantic People,

This month, I have the pleasure to present a new pop up shop totally made in ITALY: LISOLADIPASQUA handbags and accessories to complement Maiden-Art statement jewerly

Are you ready to find the most beautiful one of a kind handbags and accessories totally with the paintings of the artist Lucia Di Pasqua?

Here's my interview with Lucia di Pasqua, CEO of LISOLADIPASQUA handbags.

 1) When & why did you start LISOLADIPASQUA?

I created the Brand Lisoladipasqua in 2014 and registered in 2015.
I started initially creating simple bags in PVC, very practical shopping bags, to be used for the university, for shopping, for the beach or the pool, etc. Made entirely by me, with the reproduction of my works, being mainly a painter, in order to make known my art and put it within everyone reach.
I posted them on the Facebook page and found that they were well
Then I decided to extend the creations to something more complex, to make leather bags, belts and quality accessories always with the reproduction of details or entire images of my works and for the future I have other ideas about it.
For each article I attached a card with the image of the corresponding picture and on the back the description in brief of the painting.
Each bag has its own history, so those who buy know what they buy, that it is unique and original pieces.

2) Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and your favorite
As I said, I created the Brand in 2014, written with a capital L and all attached without an apostrophe in order to avoid problems of apostrophes in the reproductions and still mainly because it represents me, my brand, it's me.

The choice of the brand name comes from the idea of associating my surname (Easter) with a unique place on the planet, that is the Easter Island of the Pacific Ocean. The idea is to create bags and accessories with reproductions of my paintings and to put my art within everyone's reach through highly original and innovative creations made directly by me.

The special collections are now available online at the e-commerce site lisoladipasqua.it in the Temporary shops and at the Lisoladipasqua Art Studio in Alberona.

My favorite designers are Dior for refinement and Dolce and Gabbana for fantasy and inspiration.

3) Where did you study and which is your background?
After graduation, I attended l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Foggia con indirizzo Pittura. During which I won the special prize with the sketch created for the national competition "Attraverso un paese e la sua cucina" banned by the Italian Touring Club.
After the Academy I worked for the “Festival della Valle d’Itria” realizing the equipment and painting the scenes of the maestro Emanuele Luzzati and Maurizio Balò.
In the following years I attended the courses of restoration of paintings and wood at the Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and the course of Trompe l' oeil at l’Accademia del Superfluo di Rome.
Later I dedicated myself to the restoration, also restoring some polychrome wooden works in collaboration with la Soprintendenza di Bari.
I also collaborated with Roberto Lucifero for the realization of a pictorial cycle of about twenty large canvases and the replica of the Crucifix by Fondi for the Museo Civico di Fondi.
I have participated in several collective exhibitions of contemporary art and installations in Rome, Naples, Foggia, Pontassieve, I have realized artistic works for the Municipality of Alberona and teaching experiences in schools and public institutions.
I am also involved in local historical artistic research, also with publications and in the organization of exhibitions and events.
I have an art and design studio where I work and produce my creations.

However, I move where they call me and I am always open to new experiences in the artistic field.

4) How would you describe your style?
From the pictorial point of view I am mainly a figurative, even if at the same time I do research in painting. I love color very much, both in painting and in fashion and I am quite transversal, even in my ideas.
I gamble in fashion as in painting with colors, using them and
combining them always with taste and good sense, never ending in tandry.
In the case of fashion, then, in designing my creations, I first of all point to highlight the images of my paintings and drawings, trying to study also the functionality of the bags.
Simple and inspiration at the same time In my creations there are always whole images or details of my paintings.
I produce and I want to continue to produce quality products.
I believe that style is taste, sensitivity, culture, fantasy, character.
All this put together makes everyone's style, in dressing and even in behavior. Style is to show one's personality, one's own identity and to represent oneself on the outside. For me, in most cases, the dress is a monk.

Fashion must be personalized, we must take fashion that we like, do not follow it with our eyes closed, but make it our own, select it.

I hate the uniformity that has become quite common lately.

5) Would you like to design collections for an important brand? if so
which one?
Of course, why not! For the most imaginative designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino or Versace.

6) Any celebrities wearing your designs?
For the moment nobody. But I hope so much that it happens soon.

7) Where do you sell your collections mostly?
For now in Italy. On the Internet, in my area in Puglia, in Turin and now in your store. I am organizing to sell abroad.

8) How do you see your business in future?
I really hope to be able to broaden my horizons to indulge in different creations and naturally continue to make exhibitions. I have many ideas in store.

Lisoladipasqua handbags

Lisoladipasqua handbag

lisoladipasqua pop up shop at maiden-art boutique


Here's below where you can find LISOLADIPASQUA online:



I'm totally in love with the uniqueness of  LISOLADIPASQUA, and I hope you will love too!

Come and visit her pop up shop at Maiden-Art Boutique until 30th of September 2018!

See you soon,



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