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Dear Rockmantic readers,
I have the pleasure to interview a great woman and one of my favorite fashion designer from London (UK): Mrs Beryl Phala.
As you know, every month, I host a new designer in my boutique in Angera (VARESE) in Italy, with a special Pop Up Store, and one of the designer present in my store is the brand
Beryl Phala with her beautiful collections of clothes, accessories and home designs.
It's an honor for me to interview her and to tell you her story.
So now I give the word to Beryl, that she will tell you her background, inspirations and how she transformed her dreams into reality.
When & why did you start Beryl Phala collections? 
Beryl Phala fashion and lifestyle was established in 2014. As a graduate in fashion with a BA Hons my graduate collection in 2004 was created using digital fabric print innovation which was a very new and expensive production concept then. My collection was breath taking and I really fell in love with the digital fabric print manufacturing process innovation.
In 2013 I was selected to embark on a graduate innovation project by the University of Salford which entailed an extensive further research in digital fabric printing.
The result of which Beryl Phala fashion and lifestyle came to life in 2014, as a sister company to KhuKhuZ Fashion.
KhuKhuZ Fashion was established in 2010 and we focus on women's highend limited and affordable fashion.
Our core products for Beryl Phala are women's accessories such as silk scarves and bags, men's accessories such as neckties, pocket squares, hip flasks and cuff links, digital fabric prints and interior decor such as cushions and wallpaper.
They are all my favorites! I love the authenticity of our products.
Where did you study and which is your background?
I'm a double graduate from the University of Salford in UK. I graduated with MSc in Management in 2012 and BA Hons in Fashion in 2004. I also graduated with a HND in Fashion Design and Technology in 2002 from Manchester Metropolitan University.
3. How would you describe your style?
My style is eclectic. I research and follow the trends and apply a twist to my designs. I'm a very intuitive designer if I may say.
4.  Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?
Oh yes of course my dream is to design for Emillo Pucci or Matthew Williamson. They inspired my graduate collection in 2004, in particular Emillo Pucci. I greatly admire their work!!
Some of my best pieces from my graduate collection in 2004..Timeless!
Any celebrities wearing your designs?
No, no celebrities wearing my designs yet. It will be a great honor to have celebrity endorsement.
Where do you sell your collections mostly?
Our collections are mostly sold in independent boutiques, online boutiques and own online store. Maiden-Art Boutique is our best outlet..Italians love our designs!
How do you see your business in future?
We endeavor to continue to push ourselves, with a view to develop and grow our brands for global placement in prestigious department stores.
Some of Beryl Phala designs at Maiden-Art boutique.
Hope you enjoyed this fantastic interview, so now come and join us, so you can discover her collections and all POP UP STORES at Maiden-Art Boutique.
Get the perfect gift for you and for next big Holidays coming soon!
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay tuned to the next Cocktail Party at Maiden-Art Boutique!
With great love,

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