2^ Pop Up Store at Maiden-Art Boutique. October 2015: Sascha Grant Leather bags.

Dear Rockmantic readers,

I have the pleasure to present you my 2^ Pop Up Store @ Maiden-Art Boutique.

This month I will host a fabulous brand of great designs, totally handmade in Botswana and inspired by London ( I love the mix of a designer's heritage, background, experience and taday's life) :

Sascha Grant Leather handbagshttp://www.africafashionweeklondon.com/sascha-grant/

You can read her amazing story just below:

"I began my fashion career after graduating from Lisof, a fashion school in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I could not see enough opportunity to expand my business in my home town of Gaborone, Botswana, but i was inspired by the heritage, the culture and the vibrancy of my country.
In 2007 i decided to come to London and i spent three years observing and absorbing the fashion culture before i felt ready to design and create.
I exhibited my come back designs at the Africa fashion week London 2013.
I was the invited to show that collection at Fashions Finest, London Fashion week off schedule show. 
After a visit to Botswana early in 2015, i decided to work exclusively in high quality leather and design handbags.
Still inspired by my Southern African heritage of course, my style and taste is now influenced a great deal by what i see on the streets of London. I love to design and use leather that would change my client`s mood and love the idea of owning a bag exclusively to them. My bags are handmade, timeless and elegant but with a sense of street, and always attract attention because their designs are exclusive to Sascha Grant. 
I want to gradually increase my client base in Europe, but keeping each bag individually created. I am attracted to the idea of taking my bags back to the African market, where London influenced ideas will appeal, because of the modern African women`s awareness of the international fashion scene. 
The design quality of a Sascha Grant bag is complemented by the exclusivity of each individual bag. 
I draw my inspiration from each pieace of leather, which i personally select. "

Follow Sascha Grant on her Social media:

facebook - @saschagrant
instagram - @saschagrant
twitter - @saschagrant

I think her heritage and her story is just amazing and her style mixes perfectly with Maiden-Art rockmantic jewelry style and background. ( Italian heritage and London influence)

Come to discover her wonderful style at Maiden-Art Boutique:

Sascha Grant logo

Sascha Grant temporary store @ Maiden-Art boutique

Sascha Grant Temporary store at Maiden-Art boutique

Sascha Grant handbags

Sascha Grand faux fur & leather bag

Sascha Grant handbags

Sascha Grand handbags

Sascha Grant handbags

Sascha Grant handbags

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Looking forward to seeing you at Maiden-Art Boutique!