3 Top Fall colors to add to your rockmantic wardrobe.

Dear Rockmantic people,

Fall has just started here in Italy and even I'm not a big fan of Fall, I like fall colors and the warmer look.

That's why Today, I want to share with you a very short blog post about my 3 favorite Pantone Fall colors for this season: sharkskin, pottery's clay, warm taupe and how I mixed them in 3 necklaces of my Fall Winter jewelry collection.

Let's discover together these beautiful Fall colors and add them to your wardrobe through these rockmantic jewelry and accessories.

 1) Sharkskin.
You can combine it with almost any Fall color.

Sharkskin color necklace

Pantone color sharkskin

2) Pottery's Clay.
A neutral earth tone, a shade with real substance and a strong foundation.

pottery's clay clor necklace

Pottery's clay color

3) Warm Taupe.
Timeless and it suggests reassurance and stability.

Warm taupe color necklace

warm taupe color

My favorite color is definitely the Pottery's Clay, and what is your favorite one?

Try to combine them through accessories or jewelry to give a warmer look to your outfits.

If you want to discover more Fall Winter 2016 jewelry trends check out one of my previous blog post.

To your Successful Style and Life,



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