Colin Leslie Eyewear popup store at Maiden-Art flagshipstore!

Dear Rockmantic people,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post, but I was very busy working on the new women jewelry collection and the big launch of the new mens jewelry collection!
Yes, you have heard well, the new MENS jewelry available very soon online!
I don't want to tell you anything before right now...because instead, I want you tell you something about a new fabulous popup store, I have in my flagshipstore on the beautiful Lake Maggiore in Italy!
As you know, every month, I host a cool new brand popup store, that fits perfectly the style of my jewelry brand Maiden-Art!

And this month, I have the pleasure to host Colin Leslie eyewear, a great line of eco-friendly eyewear that are catching the eye of discerning shoppers and celebrities!
Colin is a so great designer, a very creative mind with a strong sense of style that creates ethically glasses and sunglasses made of bamboo, a must have accessories to complete your perfect outfit!

So, I don't want to anticipate you anything more, but i would like you to discover Colin's designs through his own words, in this great interview with him.

When & why did you start Colin Leslie eyewear collections? 
Colin Leslie started 2009 to due an accident that I had working on the building sites. I am a site carpenter by trade and have been for the past 30 yrs. I had an accident on site where as I broke one ankle and sprained the other. Not being able to work for the following 3 months I felt that I need to start a new business because I was worried that in maybe 10 yrs or so I would not be able to climb over roofs and walk on uneven ground as before.

Tell me a little more about your brand and you favorite designs.
The Colin Leslie brand is made from recycled acetate frames mixed with specially grown plantation bamboo which is hand crafted to form the bamboo temple arms. The eyewear pouches are made from plastic water bottles which are melted down to form a thread and woven into a fabric and is soft enough to clean lenses. My most favorite designs have to be the Islington sunglasses and the Chelsea checkerboard style sunglasses.
They are both part of the London collections where as all designs are named after popular places in London. The Islington style I wanted to make the bamboo temple arms as thin as chopsticks. And also look slick and stylish. With the Chelsea frames the uniqueness comes form the bamboo engraved pattern with the style of a checker board. But the most popular by far are the retro style sunglasses in black, tortoise shell and tortoise shell with white tops. 

Where did you study and which is your background?
I never studied in the art of designing sunglasses or eyewear. I have been a carpenter most of my working life and have always been very hands on with the way I work with designing and building houses. My first thoughts was how hard can it be...

How would you describe your style?
I would say that the Colin Leslie style was Geeky but also stylish and classic.
I have found that over the past 7 years CLE have been dealing with the customers thru social media and trade events what ever your personal style of fashion is the Colin Leslie ranges suits all ages and fashionista's.

Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?
I personally would like to make the Colin Leslie brand a stand alone brand mainly because of the ethical elements of the brand. I think maybe what really counts will be lost if turned into a mass produced product. 

Any celebrities wearing your designs?
As the brand owner and founder I feel honored that we have a few celebrities wearing or ranges. Artists such as Emile Sande', Olly Murs and Tinchy Stryder to name a few. 

Where do you sell your collections mostly?
Colin Leslie is sold in various online stores as well as physical high street stores. At the moment we stock in Gibraltar, Amsterdam, Denmark, Norway, Luxenburg and Spain As well as stores in US and Australia.

How do you see your business in future?
Plans for the future is to expand the brand ranges and develop new trends. We have a new division this year for the company, where as we are able to provide small boutiques and ethical brands their very own range of bamboo ethical sunglasses.

Its early days yet but things are going well. 

So, Rockmantic People don't wait any longer and find your perfect sunglasses for this Summer at Maiden-Art flagshipstore in Angera (VARESE) and if you cannot make it, you can always check Colin Leslie online store or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!

Hope you like Colin's interview as much as I did, so come to choose your new coolest pair of sunglasse for this Summer!

To your Successful Style and Life!



PS: Below you can have find some celebs wearing Colin's design and Colin Leslie Eyewear pop up store at Maiden-art flagshipstore.

Maristella Colombo wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear and Maiden-Art necklace
That's me with my favorite Colin Leslie sunglasses.
Maiden-Art jewelry and Colin Leslie Eyewear
Maiden-Art jewelry and Colin Leslie Eyewear.

Colin Leslie the designer
Colin Leslie the designer.
Emeli Sande wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear
Emeli Sande' wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear.
Olly Murs wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear
Olly Murs wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear.
Tinchy Stryder wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear
Tinchy Stryder wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear.
Colin Leslie Eyewear Pop Up Store at Maiden-Art jewelry Angera Varese Italy
Colin Leslie Pop Up Store at Maiden-Art flagshipstore in Angera, Varese, Italy.