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South african designers pop up store at Maiden-Art boutique

Hello Rockmantic People,

something totally different is happening at Maiden-Art boutique, this summer!

I'm hosting a wonderful and colorful pop up shop by South African designers , a great and exciting new collaboration between Maiden-Art jewelry and Urban Noun, a place for promoting the individual artist.

Urban Noun supports the art of artisans labour, love and passion and brings back to life the need for creation on a personal level. It intends to expand beyond the confines of retail and become a stepping stone for artists to spread their reach between both Europe and South Africa.

I'm really excited to present you, my interview with Chantelle, the owner and chief visionary officer behind Urban Noun.

south african designers at Maiden-Art boutique

south african designers at Maiden-Art boutique

1)When & why did you start Urban Noun? 
Urban Noun became a concept about 2 years ago when I realised that I wanted to showcase the Modern South African Artisan to the world. South African art, decor and Jewellery is still generalised or thought to be very African in its style i.e wild animal prints and paintings and traditional African art.  I feel our artists, although influenced by our African culture and beautiful wildlife, have such an unusual and diverse modern identity to show the world. 
This year the dream of being able to showcase South African artisans to a European market finally became a reality. 

2) Tell me a little more about your concept, brand and store and your favorite designs.
Urban Noun came about because I realised I had the opportunity to be able to represent South African Artisans overseas for so many that couldn’t. The South African economy has its challenges, something as simple as our postal service is often unreliable and for small business owners and artisans such as myself, these small hurdles become large obstacles when trying to ship items overseas due to expensive pricing, unreliable delivery and often slow delivery. 
Urban Noun is there for the individual artisan and the aim is to market theses individuals to a worldwide market. By marketing them the hope is to grow the artisan's community back in South Africa which in turn I hope will help in the growth of our art economy and community as a whole.  The Urban Noun style is simple and modern with a Scandinavian influence. I think it needs to be so it doesn’t distract from the individual styles of each stockist. 

3) Where did you study and which is your background?
Just after school I studied photography and then went on to do short courses in Desktop Publishing with Damelin College and Copywriting with AAA School of Advertising. However, my main line of studies was with IDI (Interactive Design Institute) through the University of Hertfordshire where I received my Honours in Graphic Design. 
My background includes Design, Website development, marketing and administration. I’ve been involved with start businesses for over 7 years now. I have my own design company that I freelance for called Von.P Designs and I'm partners in a software development company called Bluntt with my Brothers.  I also run Creative Hour which is one of Urban Nouns suppliers with my mum. 

4) How would you describe your style?
My style is definitely influenced by modernism. It’s clean, simple and uncluttered. 

5) Would you like to design collection for an important brand? if so which one?
I would love to be able to design for companies such as Penguin Publishing House - I have an insane love for books and cover designs.   Woolworths back in South Africa for me is a leading brand in terms of design and environmentally consciousness forward thinking, I love their ethos of working towards a bigger picture and better future. Then for every graphic designer, I think Pentagram is on top of the list of companies to work in terms of knowledge and diversity in clientele. 

6) Any celebrities wearing your designs?
Some of your stockists have had fanatic achievements. has had exhibitions in New York, been awarded:
2009 - Fashion Animation Prize
2010 - SABS Design Achiever
2010 - Cum Laude BTech Graphic Design
2015 - Design Indaba Emerging Creative was awarded Elizabeth Arden Make a Visible Difference 2015 "Community Hero Award” and rolled out a nationwide advertising campaign in conjunction with Elizabeth Arden. 

7) Where do you sell your collections mostly?
Cape Town South Africa 
Newly opened Europe shops are Berlin & Italy 

8) How do you see your business in future?
Hopefully strongly rooted in the European community.  The hope then is to be able to take European Artisans to South Africa but also to be able to include artisans from all over the world under the Urban Noun umbrella and connect artisans from all over the world to different markets worldwide. 

south african designers at Maiden-Art boutique

Come and discover the beautiful world of South African Designers at Maiden-Art Boutique !

See you soon,



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Get Inspired by the Nail Ring Trends From the Runways. Ring jewelry store.

Dear Rockmantic readers,

Every season, we ask the same question: "Is nail art dead yet?"

Not at all, for sure. If you check the latest magazines about trends, the fashion shows and all celebrities styles, you will see lots of nail art and charms rings, like the pictures below.

Beyonce' nail art

Nail rings and charms are popular in Hollywood as well. Beyoncé wears nail rings in several of her videos, including Run the World (Girls) and Sweet Dreams.

Black Book Magazine decked out Nicole Richie in gold serpent rings for their issue.

Black Book magazine


Chanel fashion shows details with nail rings and charms rings.

Chanel nail rings

Chanel nail art and nail rings

Aren't they cool?

Want to rock nail rings like celebrities style?  

Get started with my selection of  Maiden-Art Italian Handmade rings , with tons of delicate rings perfect for your look at affordable prices !

Shop Maiden-Art Italian Handmade rings with a 15%OFF at your check out with code VIP15 !

With much love,



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I Have a ♥ for Mom (FREE €10.00 Mother's Day GiftCard)

Hello Rockmantic People,

to celebrate all the Mothers in the World, here's a FREE €10.00 GiftCard for YOU ! 

Download Now your €10.00 GiftCard and celebrate your MUM ♥

 mothers day cards

with Love,



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Style your choker necklace with a white shirt.

Hello my dear Rockmantic People,

chokers are still very popular this season and you know, I love them so much.
I love not only to design them, but I love to wear them in a different way.

My favorite way is to wear choker necklaces with a white shirt.

Get the look from Diane Keaton: she's wearing a chunky choker tassel with a plain white shirt.
chunky choker tassel |

This style is perfect for every age and it's absolutely easy to wear.

Try a chunky choker tassel with a plain white shirt and a black pair of pants, you will look sexy and chic at the same time.

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To your Successful Style and Life,



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Bohemian jewelry and brazilian beachwear, Pink Tahiti new pop up shop at Maiden-Art boutique

Hello Rockmantic People,

Today, I have the pleasure to present you a new pop up store at my boutique Maiden-Art, Pink Tahiti store of beautiful Brazilian beachwear, available until the end of May 2017.

For the occasion, I interviewed the owner of Pink Tahiti, Anna and she told me the story behind her beautiful concept store and her bikini beachwear.

So let's dive in!

1. When & why did you start Pink Tahiti store?
I started selling online through concept sites in 2013, by buying bikinis and swimwear in bulk from warehouses. This was following a period of uncertainty, having been made redundant in 2011 from a job and career I loved. I was one of many across the UK at that time and found myself flitted from one employment to another never really finding my feet again. I developed my first website in 2014 and Pink Tahiti was born.
I've have always had a love for bikinis and swimwear. It's the first things I pack when planning a holiday wardrobe and I always have a couple in my hand luggage just in case my hold luggage doesn't make it to the same destination as me, much to the amusement of my family and friends.

2. Tell me a little more about your store and you favorite designs.
The concept behind Pink Tahiti was to have a small online boutique store, selling beach and resort wear. To have five or six brands and offer their full collections rather than having multiple brands and feature one or two of their designs.
This season, my favorite designs is Guria Beachwear's Wild Wings multi-string bikini top and sash bottoms with its delicate dragonfly print in blues and purple. It looks and feels amazing.
Favorite brands Guria Beachwear (Brazilian brand) and Amoir Camaira (British brand).

3. Where did you study and which is your background?
I had no idea of retail, website design or social media management when I started. I knew what I wanted to do and spent many a sleepless night pulling it all together. I researched, joined forums and spoke to online and high-street store owners to find out about the good, the bad and the ugly. I've learn by my mistakes and still learn something new every day.
It's been trial and error to find the right brands, although they might produce some good quality designs and styles they are not so hot on customer service or working in partnership with small businesses!

4. How would you describe your style?
A collection of bikinis, swimwear and beachwear for women who spend their time by the pool or enjoying the fabulous beaches around the world, beach to bar lifestyle and high-life glamour.

5. Any celebrities wearing your designs?
Guria Beachwear bikinis are frequently seen on The Bachelorette, they have also been modelled in Sports Illustrated, Playboy, Dallas Cowboys Magazine, NY Jets calendar, Elle Canada and Muscle and Fitness magazine. Kourtney Kardashian has been seen wearing Guria Beachwear in the past.
Denise Van Outen, Amy Willerton, Melanie Sykes and Jess Wright have all been seen wearing Amoir Camaira.

6. Where do you sell your collections mostly?
Pink Tahiti is purely an online store. We are the only store on and offline in Europe to stock Guria Beachwear. Summer 2017 will see our first pop up space.

7. How do you see your business in future?
We aim to open our first bricks and mortar boutique within the next couple of years. The Pink Tahiti concept will stay the same, but hope to add our own swimwear brand to our collection.

bohemian jewelry and brazilian beachwear

brazilian bikini beachwear

Bohemian jewelry and brazilian bikini beachwear

Aren't them beautiful and absolutely sexy?

If you like them as much as me, come and visit me at Maiden-Art boutique, where you can shop your brazilian beachwear and combine them with a new choker necklace

See ya soon!



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